Specialties - mrmwr


The Ministry's Responsibilities:

This Ministry's functions are set out in Royal Decree No. 55/2006 as follows:

  • Setting up policies, plans and programs for the work in the Municipalities and Water Resources sectors, monitoring work progress ,and taking the necessary follow-up actions to ensure successful implementation.
  • Developing work methods, collecting relevant statistics, carrying out studies and research related to the framework of the Ministry’s works..
  • Ensuring sound and balanced constructional development as well as provision of infrastructure, civil facilities in governorates that are under its charge.
  • Protecting public health and ensuring environmental sanitation as wells as quality control services in laboratories.
  • Discovering, assessing and developing water resources, and ensuring their sound management, especially by ensuring their judicious exploitation and consumption.
  • Preserving water resources from the exhaustion and economizing water consumption in all spheres, as well as coordinating with relevant authorities in water management.
  • Promoting and activating the collaboration and partnership with local and regional organizations and agencies in the spheres of municipal and water services
  • Proposing and revising legislation for the effective realization of the Ministry’s work.
  • Developing human resources through training and retraining programs in Ministry’s work specializations.
  • Providing electronic services to the public in line with the overall national policies on electronic government.
  • Providing public awareness of the Ministry’s work field. And the need for public cooperation.

The Ministry's Organization Structure:

Royal Decree No. 55/2006 stipulates the organizational structure of the ministry as follows::

  1. Organizational divisions of the Minister's Office, includes:
    • Directorate General of Planning and Studies
    • Directorate General of Administrative and Financial Affairs
    • Legal Affairs Department.
    • International Relations Department
    • Awareness and Information Department
    • Public Relations Department
    • Coordination and Follow-up Department
    • Archives and Records Department
    • ecurity Office
    • Tenders Committee.
  2. Organizational divisions of the regional municipalities sector includes:
    • The Undersecretary's Office
    • Property Evaluation Committee
    • Directorate General of Health Control and Wastewater 
    • Directorate General of Technical Affairs
    • Directorate General of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources in the Governorates and Regions
    • Food and Water Laboratories Center
  3. Organizational divisions of water resources sector includes:
    • The Undersecretary's Office
    • Directorate General of Water Resources Assessment
    • Directorate General of Water Resources Management