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 Rules & Regulations

Laws and legislations are used by the ministry to control municipal and water resources work in the Sultanate. They usually regulate the ministry's'different work, but does not mean that there is no flexibility in this ministry's scope of work. The flexibility is within these laws and legislations.The laws were enacted to regulate the work, rationalize consumption of natural resources and organize the various services projects.These laws and legislations were not obstacles to the development witnessed by the country; in fact they were supporting it. In this context we are delighted to state herewith in our website the laws and legislations issued by Royal Decrees without mentioning those issued by Ministerial Decisions as they are considered executing those laws. We shall also review the main conventions and protocols to which the Sultanate acceded.

The following table includes the major laws issued with respect to regulation of the work of the ministry's different sectors:
S.No Regulation Title Regulation Description View
1 Law Regulating the Regional Municipalities(ARB)
2 Regulations for Organizing Building
3 Health Regulations for Food Control(ARB)