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Quality Dep

Quality Assurance Department And specializes in the following:

  1. monitor the implementation of the approved plan for the application of the quality management system and evaluated periodically and work to gradually circulated to various organizational divisions in the ministry.
  2. Follow the mechanisms of action and identify areas that could be included in the quality management system applications and prioritize application with the Ministry.
  3. Identification of principles and criteria for measuring the progress and development in the implementation of quality management system in all organizational divisions in the ministry in coordination with the concerned authorities.
  4. Submission of proposals and practical measures to reinforce the concepts of excellence, creativity, quality and dissemination of best management practices in order to ensure efficient cost-effective work.
  5. dissemination of culture and concepts of quality in all organizational divisions in the ministry.
  6. the preparation of the annual work plan and program implementation department throughout the year and submit periodic reports of what has been accomplished.
  7. any other tasks assigned to the department in the jurisdiction.