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Planning Studies

Planning and Studies:

Scientific planning is one of the main pillars of the Ministry's work and the one of the supporting fields in municipal and water services. Institutional planning is enhanced by establishing the " General Directorate of Planning and Studies" under the Minister's Office. It consists of five fundamental units:

  • Department of Planning and Development.
  • Human Resources Development Center.
  • Design & systems Development Department.
  • Networks & Technical support Department
  • Quality Department.

The Directorate is followed directly by the " Geographic Information System Section" GIS, which is one of the important sections in the planning system together with the Translation Section.

Planning and Development:

The main functions of the Planning and Development Department includes setting up the policies and the fifth development plans, various programs and activities for all the sectors of the Ministry, in coordination with the concerned authorities. The department is also involved in following up and assessing program implementation and identifying their obstacles and offering solutions to overcome them. The functions also include presenting proposals on developing work methods, simplifying procedures and enabling increased efficiency of work in all the departments of the Ministry.

The Planning and Development Department also carries out studies and research, statistical surveys, data collection, in addition to regular and annual preparation of reports on Ministry's work fields and graphic services related to the GIS for all the sectors.

Planning supports the Ministry's departments and participates in realizing the their aims. It also contributes in disseminating scientific planning awareness, especially to the municipalities in the Governorates .

Planning and development has led to successful work outcomes during the last twenty years, through the application of modern scientific methods in preparation of proposals of the fifth development plans and the investment programs that cover municipal and water projects and other activities. In this context, the future vision and the general objectives of the Ministry are approved as primary bases of determining the content and implications of these plans, along with defining the challenges of the various sectors and the policies and procedures proposed to face them. The Ministry, in setting up their plans, depends on a group of scientific indications, data objectives and integrated fields studies.

The fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth development plan applied this method,, which enabled the Ministry to implement its projects and various development programs, according to objectives indications, scientific data and balanced determined priorities.

On the other hand, in the framework of providing the statistic data and documenting all the ministry's achievements, the last ten years witnessed the issuance of the annual report that covered achievements in the sphere of municipal and water resources sectors and other supporting sectors, as well as the Municipalities and Water Resources Month. The statistics sphere witnessed a remarkable development in collecting, analyzing and classifying the data and making them available to the Ministry's departments. In this context, regularly updated, comprehensive and various databases were prepared.

Implemented Studies and Surveys Cleanness Level Assessment Study:

Within the framework of the ministry is monitoring and evaluation of various municipal services and their quality assurance and promotion, in line with the urban development witnessed by the various governorates and regions, this study, which include " a comprehensive assessment to cleanness status", is implemented in the various regions that fall under the supervision of the ministry.

The study aims to identify the level of cleaning services in general and the human and financial resources available to the municipal bodies, as well as the impressions of the people and the bodies in charge of general cleaning activities.

The study yielded significant results helped in taking many of the practical measures to promote cleanness services, both quantitatively and qualitatively, improving and strengthening the human and financial resources of the municipalities within the framework of the study recommendations in this regard.

Assessment Study of the Health inspection on Foodstuff Shops:

The aim of this study is to investigate the extent of the municipal bodies responsibilities implementations on the activities of health inspection and monitoring of their needs for health inspectors compared to the number of foodstuff shops and facilities in every Wilaya, as well as on the evaluation of health inspection in general in the context of increased foodstuff activities and the diversity of food consumption patterns.

The study included a number of Wilayat and villages, it covered the visit of (511) stores (foodstuff shops - vegetables and fruits shops - meat and poultry shops) and monitoring all the health aspects identified in the study. It became possible to see the level of health inspection activities objectively and the constraints faced by the municipal bodies in this area. The study concludes a number of recommendations that helps to promote and develop the system of health inspection in various governorates and regions.

The Municipal and Water Survey Project:

This survey is carried out under the framework of the "Family Income Expenditure Survey" under taken by the Ministry of National Economy. The survey aims to explore the vision of the citizens and residents about the services provided by the Ministry in the fields of municipal and water, extract the indications that would assess the level of these services and to propose mechanisms for improving and strengthening their quality and quantity.

The Survey included the following areas: internal roads and lighting - Parks - administrative procedures for the completion of the municipal and water transactions – General Cleanness - health Inspection and control on the activities of foodstuff shops - the volume of water consumption in the houses and sources of water supply according to the uses.

Studying the results of the educational rehabilitation of the Ministry's staff during (2003-2009):

The study implemented to monitor the various positive and negative aspects of the ministry's scholarships in the Sultanate and abroad, evaluate the results of the educational rehabilitation, its direct impact on the work production and the career path of beneficiary staff and propose new principles to develop better scholarships.

It worth mentioning that these studies are the result of self efforts of the Ministry staffs that fall within the approach to the scientific planning which is worked to be established in the various departments, along with the approach of motivation and encouragement the of the staffs to undertake such scientific studies and use their creativity to enrich the knowledge and scientific aspect, as well as to contribute in the process of development and modernization in various areas of work.