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Ministerial decision on smoking issued


HE Sheikh Abdullah Bin Salim Al Rowas, Minister of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, issued a ministerial decision regarding smoking regulation in public places.

According to the decision, smoking will be banned in all enclosed public places and public transportation facilities. The decision also stressed the need to remove ashtrays from the interiors of all public places. It also instructs to put them at least 7.5 metres away from the entrance of the building and to put up ‘No Smoking’ signboards both in Arabic and English at a visible place.

The decision said the places allowed for smoking should be fully isolated from areas used by non-smokers and the total area should be not less than 20sqmt with a height of around three metres. The door of the place should remain closed at all times except the time of entry and exit of people. It should be 7.5-metre away from the main entrance of the buildings. There should be at least 1.80sqmt area for each person inside the room. The place shall not be used for any other activity other than smoking such as sitting, resting, eating, drinking, playing or other entertainment.

The ministerial decision stipulates that it should be mentioned in Arabic and English that the space is dedicated to smoking only. Besides, the entry to that room should be restricted to the persons above the age of 18. The decision also explains other technical details of the ban and the places where smoking is banned such as places of worship, educational institutions, government institutions and health and sports institutions.