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Human Resources Development Center

 Human Resources Development Center

Human Resources Development

"We have always affirmed, on various occasions, that the human being is the ultimate goal of the development process, and its instrument and means at the same time. The more effective this instrument is, the more capable it becomes of achieving targeted development. Thus we always call for the development of human resources, their scientific capabilities, technical skills and technological expertise in order to meet society’s urgent requirements and needs, and to provide opportunities for those resources to fully contribute to the Blessed Renaissance witnessed by Oman in all walks of life". Qaboos bin Said, Oman Council, 2002

According the statement of His Majesty Sultan Qabos bin said in the Oman Counsel, 2002. The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, represented by the Hunan Resources Development Center works constantly to progress the its human resources through the development of its scientific and technical skills and experiences in adequate educational environment.

The center endeavors to preserve of the quality and insure the proficiency in applying high standard training programs, through raising the training level and the scientific training methodologies and competencies, in order to insure the required professional level of each vocation and major, in cooperation and coordination of its teamwork with the public and private sectors' institutions.


The Center seeks to achieve the following aims:

  • Improvement and development of the scientific and practical qualifications of the staff and their professional competencies.
  • Enhancing staff productivity
  • Updating staff knowledge and use of modern technology
  • Establishing the principles of the modern management, the most prominent of which is "The Comprehensive Quality Management"

The "Human Resources Development Center" is the main department that holds the rehabilitation and training programs. Its work may be summarized as follows:

  • Undertake all the training activities and the functional development according to the approved objectives.
  • Monitor the Ministry's training needs and collecting data related to the human resources development, in coordination with the concerned authorities.
  • Draw up the annual training plans and programs, in coordination with the concerned authorities.
  • Prepare the annual budget project for training activities.
  • Implement, follow and assess the training and rehabilitation programs, according to the approved objectives in regard.
  • Open spheres of cooperation and partnership with similar organizations inside and outside the Sultanate.

The Center consists of the two Sections:

  1. Training department:
  2. It is specialized in the following:
    • Determine the needs for training programs and scholarships, and prepare the proposed annual plan of the training programs, in coordination with the concerned authorities.
    • Participate in drawing up of the annual budget of the Center's activities.
    • Design the programs and the training methods, execute them and evaluate their training outcomes.
    • Present the proposals on developing the programs and training methods as well as the Center's work techniques.
    • Supervise on the Center's database and updating it regularly. In addition, the supervision of the library, training halls and the technical equipments as well as provision of the various training potentials.
    • Enhance the cooperation with the training centers inside and outside the Sultanate.
  3. Rehabilitation Section:
  4. It is responsible for following:
    • Defining the needs of scholarship programs and preparing the proposal of the annual plan for scholarship programs in coordination with the concerned authorities.
    • Participating in setting up the annual budget of the Center's activities.
    • Carrying out the scholarships and studies programs and completing all procedures related to scholars inside and outside the Sultanate.
    • Follow up and assessment of the scholar's performance and submitting the periodical reports on scholarships.
    • Any other tasks assigned to the section.

Center's Work Method and Mechanism:

The center has scientific serial method organized by systems, laws, mechanisms and regulations.

Center's work steps:

The Training Committee: It is established by a ministerial decision and consists of members representing all sectors of the Ministry. It approves the inside and outside annual plans and programs, in regard of training and studies. It is considered as the supporting body of the Center.

Determine the training needs and programs of rehabilitation studies: the Center prepares a proposed plan of training and scientific studies programs through determining the actual needs of the Ministry according to scientific basis coordinated with all the work sectors of the ministry, and then submits it to the Training Committee for its approval.

Evaluate the training offers: the Center follows the scientific basis of awarding the training programs to be implemented by drawing up an accurate evaluating system of the training offers that presented by the private training institutions.

Implement and evaluate the training programs: In order to hold the training programs, the center depends on its available facilities, such as the halls and training potentials, which are supervised by a highly skilled and trained cadre.

Follow up and evaluate the learners: In respect of the scientific studies programs, the Center work according to techniques and criterions which considerably contribute in the process of following up and evaluating the learners' performance during the studying years.

The center attains a great attention in preparing a base of part time trainers and experiments who work in the ministry, to present training programs of practical aspects, by preparing them scientifically through holding rehabilitation programs.