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Future Effort

The most important challenge in the coming period is the rapid development in the all spheres and the change in the conditions and ways of consumption along with the increase of the needs and demands, not to mention the population growth and the rapid constructional progress witnessed in the all regions of the Sultanate, accordingly the results of these factors in stressing on the available and natural resources in one hand and their direct impacts on the safety and health of human and environment on other hand.

Facing these challenge requires defying the an integrated future vision and its highest aim is (serving the current generation and ensuring the future of the coming generation) to be in harmony with the components of the sustainable development and its general aims.

In this context, the basic massage of which the ministry lean on in its vision for the coming phase includes a clear and comprehensive understanding concluded as the following ( permanently developed services to a sustainable improvement in the quality of life).

The massage aims to ( enhance the efforts and advance the work methods to ensure the necessary services in the best conditions and improve the its quality and quantity level along with protecting the individual’s health and preserving the safety of the environment as well as establishing the partnership bases with all the categories of the society).

On this bases, the basic factors of the future vision of the ministry are to define the clear and integrated aims and classify them according the priorities and requirements of the current state along with the expecting new developments and the challenges of the coming period.

Moreover, the most important support in which this vision rely on is seeking to develop the human and financial potentials and direct them according to clear principles aiming to realize the balance between the municipal, environmental and water resources sectors as well as investing then ideally to achieve the intended aims.

Besides, enhancing the decentralization and enabling the municipal bodies to play its full role in the development efforts and establishing the (Electronic Government System). In addition, considering the informatics and keeping in line with the technical and technological developments as the firm principles in the ministry’s activities. However, it is necessary to exert efforts to increase the financial funds of the ministry and encourage it as being one of the basics of improving the financial resources and enhancing the available potentials.

In order to enhance this directions and ensure all the factor of the success, the future vision adopts the effective partnership with the concerned authorities and the society as well along with approving the joint work and the continual consultancy and cooperation in developmental effort.

Awareness is one of the spheres that will be focused on in future, since realizing the sustainable development, preserving the environmental safety and the nature resources, as well as economizing the use of water, along with educating the people the principles of being effective in the sphere are the ways to achieve the comprehensive awareness. They also enable the society to understand the different the development sides and their challenges accordingly to deal with them for providing themselves the prosperous life.

The main Heading :

The main objectives represent a clear interpretation of the future vision adopted by the Ministry for facing the challenges that lie ahead in the upcoming phase. The total objectives have been defined according to priority issues, expected developments and requirements for the upcoming phase based on the output of available indicators and data, main trends of the country's development policy and components of sustainable development. The main objectives of the Ministry sectors are as follows:

The Municipal Sector

  • Protecting public health, intensifying and securing all services necessary for preserving human health and the environment and developing laboratory activities to ensure food and water safety.
  • Completing the establishment of wastewater networks throughout the Sultanate, developing and providing wastewater services, upgrading wastewater management and functioning systems and eliminating groundwater pollution.
  • Keeping abreast with constructional advancement, ensuring sound and balanced constructional development and enhancing monitoring and inspection mechanisms.
  • Creating balance among Regions in providing and distributing infrastructure services and other facilities.

Water Resources Sector:

  • Supplying sources of potable water and creating balance between water utilization and renewable resources.
  • Enhancing water resources and protecting them against depletion and pollution and rationing water consumption.
  • Establishing water preservation principles and increasing awareness on the importance of rationing water use.

Areas of Support:

  • Enhancing and qualifying human capabilities to keep abreast with the latest advancements to elevate and improve the level of productivity in all of the Ministry's sectors.
  • Centralizing the main approach for providing electronic services (e-services) and qualifying all of the Ministry's sectors to adapt this trend in every activity.
  • Growing and enhancing the financial resources of the Ministry in every sector.
  • Developing the legal systems and regulations related to the Ministry's activities in accordance with the latest local and international developments and the drawn up objectives.
  • Enhancing and activating the role of the Private Sector in investment and taking on some service areas.
  • Strengthening cooperation and partnership with all relevant parties and in all areas inside and outside the Sultanate.

Promoting awareness and information activities and establishing principles of preserving the environment and natural resources among all society members who shall be encouraged to support the country's development efforts.