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Quality and Excellence in Municipal and Water Services and a Pioneer Social Partnership

Achieve a continues development and progress in municipal and water services to insure a sound and healthy environment, balanced construction development and active participation in enhancing infrastructure and public services. Sound management of water resources and emphasize the role of municipalities in the development process on the national and local level in accordance with the set standards of quality and adequacy through better institutional and regulative capabilities, expansion in the application of modern technologies, encouragement of creative initiatives and positive activation of the partnership of the society and private sector in the development on the local level.

General Objectives

  1. Develop the policies and legislative frameworks to keep pace with the local, regional and global developments in the municipal and water fields.
  2. Provide highly efficient municipal and water services.
  3. Develop and enhance the sustainability mechanisms and tools of municipal and water resources services.
  4. Develop infrastructure and beautification of cities and towns to contribute in achieving a balanced urban development.
  5. Preservation of environment and public health.
  6. Application and investment of modern technologies to provide municipal services and management of water resources.
  7. Develop and foster awareness programs to preserve municipal facilities and water institutions.
  8. Improve the institutional capabilities of the municipal and water sectors within the planning process.
  9. Enhance the participation of the private sector to invest in municipal and water facilities and services.
  10. Preserve aflaj and water springs as a cultural heritage.
  11. Highlight the concepts of decentralization in the management of different work sectors in the Ministry.
  12. Benefit from regional and international expertise and experiments in different work sectors in the Ministry.


  • Equality
  • Honesty
  • Excellence
  • Efficiency
  • Transparency
  • Credibility
  • Accountability
  • Initiative and Creativity
  • Respect