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Kids Gatherings

Kids Gatherings

Gatherings are essential for recreation activities, brining individuals together and establishing a close society. A high number of individuals of various races and languages have the chance to gather in a particular place and time to spend an excellent time away from daily routine. Such gatherings are, as is the case with other projects of the Ministry, designed to attract a high number of tourists and citizens.

Events Objectives

Gatherings seek to achieve the following objectives:

Venue, time and duration:

Venue:Gardens, parks, public places...etc provided with (necessary services like electricity, water and various communication means).

Time: Official holidays and weekends provided that they do not clash with other gatherings and festivals arranged by other authorities.

Duration:Two weeks to four weeks for each gathering

Preparation period for gatherings:

The period should not be less than 3 months to ensure its success and achieve the desired goals.

Nature of Events:

When arranging a gathering, its activities must be selected carefully to suit all society members; adults or youngsters. Therefore, activities should be as follows:

Cultural and artistic activities

These activities are selected according to the customs and traditions of the society. Such activities include awareness seminars and lectures for all society groups, photo galleries about the environment, as well as galleries for fine arts and women societies. The gathering also includes musical evening shows featuring folklore bands, military music and theater shows...etc.

Sport activities

Sport events include football, volleyball, running, cycling, scouts exhibitions and activities, shooting competition, horse and camel races and folk games...etc.

Commercial activities

Marketing and consumer exhibitions to provide valuable information to visitors and the general public.

Recreational activities

These activities include different electric and electronic games for children and adults, skill games kiosks, magic shows kiosks, various competitions for children and adults and draws on valuable presents and gifts.

Heritage activities

A heritage village is built inside the gathering place to display various Omani heritage industries, crafts and traditional meals.

Management of events

Events are organized by reputable events companies who are selected from submissions made in response to bids advertised in local newspapers.