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Food and Water Laboratories Center (FWLC)

ANALYTICAL SERVICES Requesting Analytical Tests / Submitting Samples:

The Sample submission form includes our most commonly requested tests; for special analytical needs please contact us. Please refer our price list for the analytical charges for the routinely performed analyses and tests. In case the analysis required by you is not mentioned in the list please contact us and we will be able to tell you whether or not we can carry out such analysis.

Please use the appropriate form according to the type of sample material and as per your required analysis (e.g., fruits and vegetables, water, soil for inorganic routine, organic analyses, microbial assay etc). Sample submission forms should be prepared based on the analyses being requested; i.e., all samples submitted on a Sample submission form will be analyzed for all the tests indicated.

We may provide on request sampling bottles for some of the analyses. Sterlised bottles and containers required for Microbiological assay can be purchased from any of the pharmacy shops.

Certain analytical tests may have specific requirements concerning sample size, preparation, and storage. These requirements are described in Sampling and Preparation. It is also advisable that you contact concerned person in the Center regarding quantity of sample and any special requirements.

Please Label each container appropriately for each Sample submission form. A waterproof marker or ink appropriate to sample storage (e.g., freezer marking pen for frozen samples) should be used. Only sample description, sample details, your sample id, companies name and address, date of sampling, and date of sample submission will appear on the final report. All our reports are system generated and it is very difficult to change any information at latter stage. So let us know in advance about any particular details if you require in the report Samples have to be delivered by hand to our center at below given location. ( in case if sample is to be submitted to any of the regional laboratories then the same should be submitted to the respective laboratory. Please refer contact details for regional laboratories)

  •  Food and Water Laboratories Center
  •  Located opposite airport filling station, between office of Oman Air and Hotel Golden Tulip
  •  Near Muscat International Airport
  •  Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Processing the Samples:

Samples are logged in only after the payment is made for the analysis fee and upon physically receiving the sample in the center. The details will be entered in the system according to the information provided on the accompanying Sample submission form. The submitter will be given the cash receipt for the analytical charges. (If required customer can request for the invoice for the analytical charges). For any queries regarding the sample the date of submission, sample description and customer details should be cited to trace the sample progress. In fairness to all submitters, samples are processed in the order received by the Center. If you feel your testing needs to be conducted on a "urgent" basis, contact the Center to make the arrangements. We do not charge extra for urgent analysis. But request can only be entertained if we are convinced that there is really an urgency and we are able to accommodate such request in our work schedule.

Analyzing the Samples:

The samples are tested using standard methods. We analyse the samples according to our quality assurance plan and our internal and external quality control program. A description of the Center's quality assurance and quality control measures can be found by clicking here QA / QC

Reporting the Results:

The final report are usually collected by customers from the center’s reception desk. The reports can also be emailed on customer’s request as PDF attachment. Please review your results upon receipt of the report. If you have any questions regarding the report, please contact the Center.

Sample Disposition:

You can indicate your preference for sample disposition on the Sample submission form(discard, save for pick up, return). Samples are normally discarded and disposed by us after 5 working days after the final report is issued, unless you requested the samples be returned to you on the Sample submission form. If you elected to pick up the samples, we request that you retrieve your samples promptly but not later than our holding period as mentioned above. If sample is difficult to dispose then we may request you to take back your sample.

Useful Information

We request you to go through useful information wherein we have provided useful and handy information about sampling and sample preservation, and much more related information.


We offer on the job training in the field of chemical and microbiological testing and analysis for the students of technical diploma and graduate students of science and engineering on the request of the concerned academic institute. Please contact us for more details.