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About the Center

Food and Water Laboratories Center (FWLC)

The FWLC was formed in 2001 by merging of already well established two laboratories – Water Quality Laboratory and Food and Environment Laboratory. Collectively it had facilities to carry out residue analysis – like pesticide residue, other organic substances residue, toxic and other trace metals residue in fruits and vegetables, biota, water and waste water, air, sediments, soil, and sludge, water Quality Analysis and Food Quality Analysis. It had specialized sections for trace metal analyses, residual Organic analyses, Microbiological analyses of food and water, Water and Waste Water Analysis and Food chemistry analysis. Separate section of quality control was established subsequently to cater to the need for centralized quality assurance. A new section was established for radioactivity measurement for food, water and environment samples. In addition to this center has planned to establish biotechnology laboratory. The building is ready for the same and instruments and equipments will be procured in the near future. Please click on the links given above for more detailed information about the activities and facilities available in each section.

Apart from this there are eight regional laboratories affiliated with the center and these laboratories have facility to perform microbiological assay of food, water and waste water.

(FWLC) is comprised of five laboratories or sections at one location and eight affiliated laboratories located in different regions.

  •  General Analysis of Food Section
  •  General Analysis of Water and Trace Metal Section
  •  Microbiology and Biotechnology Analysis Section
  •  Organic Analysis Section
  •  Quality Assurance section
  •  Regional Laboratories

Location and Facilities

The center is located near Muscat airport and it is having two interlinked buildings occupied by all the sections except Radioactivity Analysis unit, which is occupying separate third building in the same premises. The laboratory buildings are single storied buildings having all the infrastructure required for laboratories including gas stations, compressor room, water pumping station etc. It has separate building for storing chemicals, glassware and spares. The center is equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instruments and equipments. Location and postal address are as given below


Opposite Airport Shell filling station, between office of Oman Air and Hotel Golden Tulip. Near ministries’ Training Center. Muscat Airport area.

Postal Address :